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BLACK BEAUTY 15 - 25 SEEDS - This tomato is the result of an educated guess, a whole lot of luck and years of selecting the best of the best from hundreds of tomato plants over 5 generations.

Brad Gates, an organic tomato breeder from Northern California used two of his favorite tomato varieties, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye and Indigo Apple to make a cross.  Several great offspring appeared from the cross, however on in particular really stood out.  A dark, meaty, very rich fleshed tomato with extreme anthocyanin (same antioxidant in blueberries and blackberries) expression.  So dark that some tomatoes turn solid black.

This is the darkest tomato we know of and is likely a nutritional powerhouse as anthocyanin can be seen forming in the flesh for the tomato under the smooth black skin.

Flavor potential is excellent.  Rich, smooth and savory with earthy tones.
Dave Kaiser, tomato junkie from Baker Creek tasted it at the 2015 National Heirloom Exposition and proclaimed it as the BEST tomato he had ever eaten.

This is a mid-late season variety that ripens a little slow but is worth the wait.  The unripe, indigo colored fruits will dazzle your garden.
This variety, (Black whatever) has a good ability to hang ripe on the vine longer than most and has excellent post harvest storage ability.
It appears this tomato does well with a bit of aging at room temperature.  Some where tested for flavor at one, two and three weeks after sitting on the counter with great results.  Flavor increased and flesh is very slow to break down.

Anthocyanin in tomatoes is Sun (UV) activated so the best color is obtained with partial sun or indirect sunlight. Trim leaves on the north side of the plant to allow light to hit fruits.  Total sun exposure in hot climates is not recommended, partial shading from leaves is best.  



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